The NE Greens State Sustainability Representative from Assam for the year 2018-19 is Prahelika Deka.

Prahelika is majoring in Geography from the University of Delhi and is a true environmental pragmatist at heart with a strong belief in protecting the environment and also encouraging sustainable development. A wanderluster, she has always admired the ethereal beauty that nature beholds since a very young age. She envisions a world of green sprawls, tweeting birds, bumbling bees, hand in hand with development.

Assam at a Glance

Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills

Located in the North-eastern part of India, Assam (Vernacular: Oxom) is bounded by the Kingdom of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Nagaland and Manipur in the east, Mizoram and Tripura in the south and Meghalaya, West Bengal and Bangladesh in the west. [Continue Reading]

The Mighty Brahmaputra

The soul of Assam, the Brahmaputra is not just another large water body wending its way from its hearth through deep valleys and gorges and finally ending into the sea. It is the culture and lifeline of Assam. It also would not be incorrect to say that the history of Brahmaputra is the history of Assam.
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One-Horned Rhinoceros

The one horned rhino is part of the heritage of Assam and the lives of the Assamese people is highly intertwined with this vulnerable species.
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State Bird

White-winged Duck (Asarcornis scutulata)

State Animal

One-Horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)

State Tree

Hollong (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus)

State Flower

Foxtail Orchid (Rhynchostylis retusa)

National Parks

  • Dibru-Saikhowa
  • Kaziranga
  • Manas
  • Nameri
  • Orang


  • Amchang
  • Barail
  • Burachapori
  • Dihing Patkai
  • Bherjan-Borajan-Podumoni

  • East Karbi Anglong
  • Hollongapar-Gibbon
  • Laokhowa
  • Marat Longri
  • Nambor Doigrung

  • Nambor
  • North Karbi Anglong
  • Pabitora
  • Pani-Dihing
  • Sonai-Rupai