At NE Greens, we strongly believe that it is not lack of resources but lack of awareness and accountability that is slowly degrading the beautiful environment of North-east India. With the threat of climate change looming large, North-east India and its people can no longer evade the challenges and must work towards preparedness, adaptation and sustainability for the sake of survival.

If you think GREEN and care for the North-east and its diversity, we welcome you to join us and share your valuable insights, inputs, time and skills towards ensuring sustainable development of the North-east Region. The North-east Region has less than 4% of India’s population, therefore every wo/man, every action, every contribution counts!

You can write to us at and let us know how you would like to get involved. You can also click here to Donate to Project NE Greens and make your contribution for protecting the environment and natural resources of North-east India and securing the future of the coming generations.

Here are some of the ways you can Get Involved

1. Become a NE Greens Green Ambassador

Help us spread the message of environmental protection and generate environmental awareness in your community, school, college or workplace by becoming a NE Greens Green Ambassador and taking forward our campaigns and messages for the greater good.

2. Become a Citizen Reporter

Keep yourself updated about your surroundings and let us know of any ongoing or emerging environmental problem or challenge so it can be addressed before it causes much harm to human and environmental health.

3. Become a Citizen Scientist

If you think you have the scientific temperament, you can help us learn and archive the plants, animals and birds found around you and also monitor them over a period of time. Track bird activity around you and share your checklist with us. Create a bird watching group or nature trail around you.

4. Join an Ongoing Project, Campaign or Activity

Visit this website or write to us with your key skills and time availability as a volunteer and join any of our ongoing projects, campaigns or activity and give us the helping hand that are often on the lookout for.

5. Create a Project, Campaign or Activity aimed at Environmental Protection

Take the next step and create a project, campaign or activity for protecting the environment, nature and natural resources around you. We will be happy to provide consultation and promote your action for greater good.

6. Intern with us

Click here to apply for internship with NE Greens.

6. Any other

Please write to us for any other way in which you can help and support in order to protect the environment of North-east India and promote sustainable development of the North-east Region.