Renowned for its rich, full-bodied bright liquor, Assam tea is an answer for those who favour a cup of tea with a punch. The All Assam Tourism Festival at Jorhat from November 26 to 28, 2010 promises to take you on an exploration of this tea territory in its entirety. The Strong and Exotic Assam is the rich, green land of rolling plains and dense forests through which the mighty Brahmaputra charts its majestic course. It is a region of innumerable forests and sanctuaries, where elephants and one-horned rhinos roam sharing the habitat with swamp deer, wild buffaloes and tigers.

The total production of tea in Assam is around 450 million kg per annum, which is more than 50 percent of India’s total tea production. A lot has been written to describe the entire growing and manufacturing process of tea since ages. Tea plantations in Assam had been set up first by the British and today the tea industry is one of the most lucrative enterprises in modern history. With the discovery of tea in Assam, the export history of the country had taken a new turn. Assam and tea, both are inseparable and the region is one of the largest tea producing region in the world.

Organized by the Assam Tourism Department, in association with the Jorhat district administration and several tea-related organizations, the focus of the festival is mainly to showcase the tea culture of Assam – the famous “Jhumur” dance of the tea community, the lifestyle and work of a tea planter and an exhibition showcasing the growth and development of tea as well as research activities in this connection.

On the sidelines of the festival would be a seminar at the oldest tea research centre in the world at Tocklai, a tour of a mini automated tea factory, a visit to the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, an ethnic food festival, a fashion show and visits to historical spots as well as the beautiful parks and scenic places of tourist interest in Jorhat district.

All in all, the festival will be a rich experience for anyone who has ever tasted tea to actually witness its roots. The rich alluvial soil of Assam which receives 200 to 300 cm of rain throughout the year is an ideal region for growing tea as it is for making a ‘eco’touristic trip.

For further info, click here to visit the Assam Tea Festival website.

2 thoughts on “Assam Tea Tourism Festival to Showcase the Exotic State”

  1. “Axom amar rupahi, gunoru nai xexh!
    Bharatore purba dixor xurya uthaa dexh! ”

    Dr. B. Hazarika

    Great initiative. I have travelled far and wide..but I still find Assam the best place to be in and Assam tea as the best blend in the world!

    All the best!

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