The Reh Festival, celebrated by the Idu Mishmi community in Arunachal Pradesh, is held each year from February 1-3. The timing is just right to head down to Dibang Valley during the festival and experience nature’s beauty and this colourful festival.

Reh festival this year is being supported by Tourism Department, Govt of Arunachal and Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. Seen in the image above,General (Retd.) J.J. Singh, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh dresses up in traditional weapons from the state during the launch of the Reh Festival in Roing.


Reh is one of the two major festivals of the Idus, the other being ‘Ke-meh-ha’. According to the Roing district website, Reh festival is an occasion for people to relax,  enjoy,  dance, eat and drink. The Idus are expert craftsman. The Idu women, in particular, are very good weavers. Their great aesthetic sense is well reflected in the exquisite designs created on the clothes produced on handlooms. The Idu men are well apt in making beautiful basketry items of bamboo and cane.

With inputs from Dibang News.

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