NE Greens is a region wide attempt to protect our environment and promote sustainable development of Northeast India. A project of the Green Media Network and supported by the Delhi Greens organisation, NE Greens brings to you green voices from the biodiversity rich and culturally diverse seven sister (+1) states of India.

Tucked away in one corner of the country, the Northeast region of India has long awaited its rendezvous with ‘development’. While the other parts of the country enjoy the fruits of ‘development’, and with large number of individuals from the Northeast working in several parts of ‘mainland’ India, it is time for greater nation building initiatives be promoted in North East.

The innovation in information & technology and communication has indeed helped in making India and its people realize this need. But the development initiatives being made in the seven sister states today are being planned through exploiting the region’s hydroelectric potential.

Then there are intrinsic challenges posed from within the states, a lot many of which are arguably the result of sidelining the region for a long time, which makes implementation of policies and programmes even more complex.

The youth, who are the future leaders of the region, must get involved in the various processes of development. Development itself should be inclusive and must address not just the needs of the present generation but also keep in mind the requirements of the generations to come. And the youth from the region, irrespective of where they are based, must come forward to ensure such a sustainable development.

Diversity, both cultural and biological, is the greatest asset of the Northeast and the environmental degradation caused by ad hoc developmental activities is threatening this very asset. And now with the threat of climate change looming large, everything including development is climate constrained and we must ensure that only a pathway of ‘sustainable’ development is chosen.

With this, NE Greens will work to generate awareness and engage and involve the youth for ensuring sustainable development of the region. The NE Greens Portal & Blog is a step forward in this direction and will publish environmental news, highlight existing sustainability initiatives, inspire green action and put forward environmental thoughts, ideas and articles in a comprehensive manner.

Documenting such information is also being carried out for capacity building and promoting more and more people to come forward for an inclusive and overall development of the region. Publishing environmental news from the region where information is forever wanting will go a long way in safeguarding ‘our common environment’ in a timely manner.

We invite participation from all those who are either involved in any environmental initiative or who wish to get involved in securing our present and ensuring a more promising future, for the region and the Planet.

Image courtesy Liyi Marli Noshi

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