The festivals of light Diwali is known to bring success, happiness and prosperity in everybody’s life. This Diwali lets take the pledge of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali and be more responsible citizens. Along with all the celebrations and festivities, Diwali these days brings with it ear bursting noise and the thick pungent smell of crackers that hangs in the atmosphere until long after the festival is over.

The chemicals present in the crackers causes air and noise pollution and has bad impact on the health of all living beings including humans. It also creates visibility problem for the drivers, hence is a health hazard of an accidental kind as well. However, this Diwali all of you can contribute your green inputs and come forward to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly manner! This will help both humans as well as the Planet.

Children’s involvement in the preparation of crackers, which involves handling of various toxic chemicals, can prove fatal to their health. By not burning crackers, we can initiate a silent protest to the child labour happening in the modernized and globalized society. Pets are also terrified with the noise and should be kept inside the house.

On the festival night, try to put them in the center most room ensuring the doors and windows are closed so that minimum noise enters the room. Be with them as the noise tends to make them run in all directions. Another big environmental impact of the festival comes in the form of gift wrapping which is mostly plastic.

Try to wrap gifts this time  with newspapers in a fun and creative way. One can also use recycled paper for gift wrapping as well. This will help in reducing your carbon foot print and by adopting green celebrations practices, one can contribute to the betterment of the entire world. You can make the Diwali experience greener by gifting a plant to your loved ones as a symbol of healthy green life.

This Diwali, write green message along with each gift that you send thus sensitizing your friends and relatives about the impacts of environmental pollution and significance of their actions. Fresh available flowers, foliage and floating candles can be used to decorate the house.

Rangolis made up of biodegradable products can be used. Handmade scented candles around the house are much better to solve the purpose of make the ambiance glittering and bright. Use organic incense sticks in place of synthetic room fresheners for an overall green experience.

By sending text messages, emails or recycled papers for conveying Diwali wishes instead of traditional cards you can bring down your paper usage. Goddess Laxmi is worshiped during Diwali and mostly people buy loads of stuffs during this time.

One should be careful with his/her excessive consumption and be sensitive towards nature conservation. So we should not buy things that we do not need in the near future and not get unnecessarily encouraged by all the discounts and sales extravaganza offered in the market. Do celebrate the festival of lights with less pollution and do help poor people by offering food, clothing and toys rather than spending huge money on buying crackers.

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Image by A Malhotra via Flickr

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