NE Greens, in collaboration with Delhi Greens NGO will be celebrating 5 December 2019, World Soil Day with a Quiz Competition and tree plantation at a school in Guwahati.

5 December 2019 is celebrated as the World Soil Day by the Food & Agricultural Organsiation (FAO) of the United Nations, in order to raise awareness about the need to protect soil from erosion and other threats. Soil Erosion is a hidden crisis and in Assam alone, over One lakh people have been affected and have lost their livelihood in the last five years due to soil erosion.

There is thus a need to raise awareness about soil erosion and also initiate a dialogue for protecting this fragile component of our Environment.

Event Details:

Talk on World Soil Day followed by Quiz Competition and Tree Plantation

Venue: Guwahati Blind School, Basistha
Time: 10.00 am onward

The Theme of World Soil Day 2019 is Stop Soil Erosion, Save Our Future!

Click here to Download the Event Poster.

For further information, and to participate and support, contact:

Ms. Chayanika
Project Officer, NE Greens,
Delhi Greens NGO

Mobile: 6900736241, 9910358177

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