Chayanika Bhattacharyya participated in the Global Climate Strike, on behalf of NE Greens, which was held at Digholipukhuri in Guwahati on on 29 November 2019. The Friday Climate Strike, as the event is also known worldwide, began as a protest rally or around hundred individuals. Some protesters painted their face with others shouted slogans and carried pictures urging for the protection of Mother Earth.

The protesters went around Digholipukhuri after raising slogans like “No More Coal, No More Oil, Keep the Carbon in the Soil.” etc. aimed at raising awareness about climate change and the need for protecting the environment. The demands set by the protesters in Guwahati is as follows:

  • Implement Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.
  • Implement ban on single-use plastic
  • Construct Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Bharalumukh
  • Act on the Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board Guidelines for environmental safe idol immersion
  • Save trees, Save riverfront, construct bridges
  • Declare Climate Emergency

Towards the end of the campaign, Assamese actress Barasha Rani Bishoya attended the Global Climate Strike and stressed on the need for a better environment.

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