An Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) has been set up for the North Eastern Region (NER). This decision to set up this Committee was taken after a meeting between Secretaries of  Ministry of Department of North-east Region (DoNER) and the Ministry of AYUSH. The IMC will create synergy in various programmes of the Union Government to enable medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) Sector to become vibrant and develop the resources of NER to its potential.

The IMC will facilitate coordination among Ministries and Departments in various programmes being implemented on conservation, sustainable management and development of MAPs in NER for enhancing the livelihood and economic transformation. The Ministry of Development of North-East Region (MDoNER) will be the coordinator for the IMC of MAPs. The IMC will also identify gaps in the existing mechanism or institutional arrangements, suggest a policy intervention and suggest a Plan of Action for dovetailing of the schemes and programmes of concerned Ministries and Departments.

The IMC will also suggest actionable measures for enhancing the livelihood and economic transformation based on cultivation and sustainable management of MAPs resource in North East Region. The IMC will comprise members from various Ministries, Departments  and several organisations in the relevant fields.

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