Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh is Co-Founder and Director of the Delhi Greens NGO and the Convener of Project NE Greens. Dr. Singh has traveled extensively in different parts of North-east India to understand environmental and development challenges and to find sustainable solutions. [Read more]

Konsam Nirmala Devi

Konsam Nirmala Devi is the Director of Development of the Delhi Greens NGO and is the Co-Convener of Project NE Greens. She has conducted extensive research on the wetlands of North-east India especially to study the natural resource management of Loktak Lake in Manipur. [Read more]

Chayanika Bhattacharyya

Chayanika Bhatacharyya is associated as Project Officer with Project NE Greens. Chayanika knew her call is the Call of the Wild since her school days. She is an avid Nature lover and is keen on showcasing North-east India through the prism of Ecotourism to the rest of the world.

Chimoitim M. Phairong

Chimoitim Maku Phairong is a Delhi Greens Green Youth Fellow and is associated with Project NE Greens. She is devoted to the protection and preservation of traditional knowledge, culture, linguistic and biological diversity of North-east India through action-based research and advocacy.