Writings and opinions on environmental issues of the Northeast.

‘Smart’, A SHG in Manipur Lives Up to Gandhi’s Self-Reliant Vision

The Northeast region of India has a a high literacy rate and the state of Mizoram ranks only second in the literacy chart, right after Kerala. This means that the number of annual passed-outs from the schools and colleges in the region is naturally high. Thus what we have here is a large number of educated young people, at the peak of their lives and belonging to the category of the most productive manpower in the societal strata. However, with

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A Landslide Welcome to 10/10/10 in Nagaland

On 10th  August, 2010 (10/10/10), as people across the Planet came together to take action on climate change, yet another landslide took place in Nagaland and shook our passive attitude towards taking action for “saving our environment”. The state witnessed major landslides at different locations in Pezielietsie Colony and lower Chandmari, destroying about seven houses during the wee hours of Saturday on October 9th. It is reported that incessant downpour for the past few weeks in the state capital may

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Priorities, Situations, Efforts and the Act to Protect

A conference titled “The Future of the Bengal Tiger” was recently held in the capital city of Delhi. The event witnessed around 150 delegates, speakers and other participants from all walks of life. I considered myself fortunate enough to attend the event and involved myself in the many ongoing talks and discussions on the issue of saving tigers in India. The Hon’ble Minister for Environment & Forests (MoEF) Shri Jairam Ramesh graced the occasion with much enthusiasm and shared many

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Call for Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Implementation and Rural Development of Manipur

Migration has always been a major issue leading to population imbalance and conflicts of all kinds across the country. The general trend of migration is usually from rural to urban, especially by farmers owing to the seasonal nature of agriculture in many regions. Sometimes, as has been more pronounced lately, farmers move to towns and cities when their produce is destroyed completely owing to untimely rains or drought, all impacts of a changing climate. There is thus an urgent need

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Dam the River, Damn the People in India’s NE State of Arunachal Pradesh

Tucked away in the northeastern most part of India, with snow capped Himalayas in the north and the plains of Brahamaputra river valley in the south is the diversity rich state of Arunachal Pradesh. But for its geographic location and other political factors, the state would have been an ideal eco-tourism destination and an ultimate getaway for the rest of India and the world. Presently, it’s a region hidden away from repeated human intervention, aptly tagged: Paradise Unexplored! Such is the lack of information about the

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Why NE Greens!

NE Greens is a region wide attempt to protect our environment and promote sustainable development of Northeast India. A project of the Green Media Network and supported by the Delhi Greens organisation, NE Greens brings to you green voices from the biodiversity rich and culturally diverse seven sister (+1) states of India.

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