Writings and opinions on environmental issues of the Northeast.

Progress Report of North-east Rural Livelihood Project Promising

The North-east Rural Livelihood Project (NERLP), a central sector externally aided multi-state project was launched in March 2012. The main objective of the project has been to improve rural livelihoods, especially that of women, unemployed youth and the most disadvantaged in the four participating North-east States. The total project cost has been estimated at US$ 144.4 million with World Bank assistance of US$130 million and Government of India’s contribution of US$14.4 million. The financial project has been made for five

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Watch Out! Climate Change May Be Altering the Taste of Your Tea

According to a recent article published in the Guardian, climate change induced rising temperatures and reduced rainfall pattern may well be leading to not just the reduction in yields but also altering the distinctive flavour of India’s most popular drink: Ek cup chai – the humble cup of tea! The Assam tea is in trouble and all of us will have to bear the consequences. While the news will definitely come in bad taste (pun purely co-incidental) to many of

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NE India: Home to Some Critically Endangered Species

Species like the Luna Moth (Actias luna) that now roam the region may soon be threatened if careful measures are not put in place today for preserving our biodiversity The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) recently published a brochure on “Critically Endangered Species of India. Only a few days before this, I and my sisters were told by my grandmother that these days, back home in Manipur, her alarm clock does not work. When we inquired, she said

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Season’s Greetings: A Tree for a Tree This Christmas

The stars are hanging on the front yards, mistletoe are a welcoming sight, the air is chill but it’s a season of love and warmth that brightens up many faces and hearts. Christmas is here yet again, to bring us closer to the One whose birth many celebrate on December 25. What a joyous thing to celebrate and share with everyone, a decoration of the earth with praise and thanks to God. Christmas is celebrated all over the world and

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Climate Change Impacts Already Feared to Hit Orange Production in Manipur

Winter bliss is slowly covering the hills and moving towards the valley of Manipur. And it brings with it the pleasure of devouring winter fruits and vegetables. Of all, orange has become symbolic of winter bliss and consuming it is a casual ritual for most people in Manipur. But this year, it is feared that people may have to settle for fewer oranges or purchase it higher prices. Reason: the impact of climate change impact! Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) is

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