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Rubber Cultivation: A Rewarding Offer for the Northeast Farmer

Toy balloons, pencil erasers, rubber bands, hoses, belts, gloves, aircraft tyres and nameless others, what do you find similar in all these products? For most people, the first thing they would say is the flexible characteristic of the above goods. However, if we further ask them to guess the main ingredient of these products, t won’t take long before they guess the right answer, which is RUBBER. In modern world, the usage of rubber–both synthetic and natural–is innumerable. It is

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‘Smart’, A SHG in Manipur Lives Up to Gandhi’s Self-Reliant Vision

The Northeast region of India has a a high literacy rate and the state of Mizoram ranks only second in the literacy chart, right after Kerala. This means that the number of annual passed-outs from the schools and colleges in the region is naturally high. Thus what we have here is a large number of educated young people, at the peak of their lives and belonging to the category of the most productive manpower in the societal strata. However, with

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