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Invitation to Seminar on Land, Identity and Rights: the Problem of Tribal in Manipur

The Tangkhul Scholars’ Association (TSA), a Delhi based group working towards creating a platform to raise issues ranging from social to economic to political from academic point of view, is organising a one day seminar on “Land, Identity and Rights: the problem of tribal in Manipur”. The seminar is being organised on the 16th of April, 2011 at the Department of African Studies, University of Delhi. The seminar aims to forge a holistic understanding of the inalienable nexus between tribal

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Nagaland Becomes First NE State to Setup Department of New & Renewable Energy

India is no doubt taking significant steps towards combating impacts of climate change on the country. The years first parliament session witnessed an address by the Hon’ble President Pratibha Patil on the importance and commitment from the central Government on environment issue. Addressing the members present, she said, “My government attaches the highest importance to the implementation of all laws relating to the protection of the environment and forests. The rapid pace of economic growth is imposing new challenges. A

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Jatinga Bird Mystery Promotes Tourism in Assam

The world is often thrown into mystical debates by the occurrence of unexplained phenomenon which initiates scientific search for answers. Something similar happened in the beginning of this year in many parts of the world. Some are inclined towards believing that such incidents are a sign that the world is coming to an end in 2012 as predicted and believed by many. Others, especially from the scientific group are suggesting that it’s all natural and there is nothing to worry

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Imphal to Witness Enviro Youth Summit of Manipur

The North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER), Imphal will be organizing a youth summit titled Enviro Youth Summit of Manipur on 16th January 2011. The aim of the summit is to encourage students on public speaking and to generate awareness about the environmental issues being faced by the state. The event will create leadership qualities among the students, inculcate management skills and cultivate the culture to work in a team. The first-of-its-kind youth summit in the state

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NE India: Home to Some Critically Endangered Species

Species like the Luna Moth (Actias luna) that now roam the region may soon be threatened if careful measures are not put in place today for preserving our biodiversity The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) recently published a brochure on “Critically Endangered Species of India. Only a few days before this, I and my sisters were told by my grandmother that these days, back home in Manipur, her alarm clock does not work. When we inquired, she said

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Season’s Greetings: A Tree for a Tree This Christmas

The stars are hanging on the front yards, mistletoe are a welcoming sight, the air is chill but it’s a season of love and warmth that brightens up many faces and hearts. Christmas is here yet again, to bring us closer to the One whose birth many celebrate on December 25. What a joyous thing to celebrate and share with everyone, a decoration of the earth with praise and thanks to God. Christmas is celebrated all over the world and

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