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The NE Greens Project is an independent project under the Green Media Network of the Delhi Greens organisation. Delhi Greens is a Delhi based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO Reg. No. 3,566) set up in 2007 with a vision of ensuring environmental harmony and sustainable development.

The Green Media Network (GMN) is a flagship project of the Delhi Greens NGO working to transform information into green action. GMN works to ensure wide spread coverage of environmental news, information, activities, events, actions and activists in an attempt to mainstream environmentalism and create better informed citizens.

The NE Greens Blog portal was launched by Delhi Greens in October 2010 as the first online portal dedicated exclusively to ecology and environment of North East India. The NE Greens Blog portal is a region wide attempt at raising awareness for protecting our environment and promoting sustainable development of North East India.

Having set the stage with the launching of the NE Greens Blog portal, the NE Greens project is now working to broaden its horizons and initiate nation wide campaigns and activities in order to achieve our vision and fulfill our objectives.

Our Vision

A clean, green and sustainably developed North East India.

Our Mission

  1. Preservation and conservation of cultural and biological diversity of North East India.
  2. Protection of the overall environment (land, water and air) of North East India.
  3. Promoting economic independence and sustainable development of North East India.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide a green network, platform and resource sharing portal and to give a unified voice to the contemporary environmental issues being faced by the North East Region (NER) of India.
  2. To sensitize the youth from NE India across India and make them more aware (and responsible) about the need to protect the fragile ecology and environment of NE India
  3. Work for national integration by promoting sustainable development of the entire North East Region (NER).

Our Team:

Like the rich and splendid biodiversity of the Northeast region, NE Greens Blog has writers and contributors from different states, cultures and communities. The NE Greens Authors team includes people who think ‘green’ and who believe in working towards sustainable development to save ‘Our Common Environment’. All those who have a focus, sustained interest and enthusiasm for bringing together Green Voices from the North East region form a part of the Blog Writers team. The NE Greens project is itself an attempt to protect the cultural and biodiversity of Northeast India in order a clean, green today and a more secure tomorrow.


To get in touch with any of our writers, or to get involved in the NE Greens project yourself, please write to mail(at)negreens.com

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